Ultra High Ductility

Jindal UHD TMT bars are manufactured with distinctive German technology in our ultra-modern HUQST rolling mill which produces pure and eco-friendly steel. During the manufacturing process the TMT bars pass through the water spray system in the quenching box. The moment hot TMT bars come in contact with cold water, the outer surface hardens and becomes martensite wherein the inner core remains soft. Throughout this water spray system (Advanced Thermex Technology) the TMT bars turn out to be ultra-highly ductile.


By giving the TMT bars the ability to be elongated without losing its inherent strength, UHD technology works wonders! Consequently, it makes them capable of absorbing sudden loads, making them resistant against various natural disasters such as hurricane, tsunami, cyclone and earthquake. The UHD feature plays an integral role in increasing bendability, flexibility, longevity & warranting safe concrete robust structures. It surpasses the construction standards of countries particularly prone to earthquake like U.K., China, Indonesia, India and Japan.



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